Evidence-based Reading Instruction for Grades K-5

What is this resource?
This document synthesizes research on K-5 reading instruction to identify evidence-based instructional practices. It integrates those practices into a tool known as an “innovation configuration (IC) matrix” (located in Appendix A), which is a rubric that defines various levels of implementation based on the essential elements constituting identified practices. Note that while this tool was originally developed for pre-service preparation programs, it can also be used to support practitioners working to make reading instruction accessible to all learners.

Why is it valuable?
The IC matrix consolidates evidence-based practices for K-5 reading instruction within a single tool that can be used to guide improvement, explicitly defining what different levels of implementation look like. In doing so, it boils down practices to their essential features while still allowing the flexibility needed by teachers and school communities to make those practices work within their unique contexts.

Ideal Audience: School Faculty and Staff, Administrators