Childs hands holding a book

Build Equity.

Join Justice.

Leading the nation in Equity-based Multi-Tiered System of Support education research and services.

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Childs hands holding a book

Build Equity.

Join Justice.

Leading the nation in Equity-based Multi-tiered System of Support education research and services.

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Making Equity Live

At SWIFT, we believe educational equity is an intentional paradigm shift through which historically disenfranchised students and their communities build and retain systemic power within education.

We believe the process of advancing equity includes the pursuit of a pluralistic culture of teaching and learning, through which the collective health, healing, safety, and connectedness of students, faculty, and communities is made manifest.

Equity lives within educational spaces that include intersectional affirmation, sociohistorical transparency, contextualized resource allocation, and above all, love.

Swift 10 Point Paradigm

How We Do It

10 Point Paradigm

Equity is at the core of everything we do at SWIFT. We value the humanity of every student in our schools and work with our partners to remove barriers to their success. Read about our 10 Point Paradigm to learn how we envision equity being realized in schools.

Agents in Change


SWIFT is leading the charge in creating real change with state and local educational agencies, charter management organizations, and the schools, educators, and students they serve.

Our diverse team brings a wealth of personal and professional expertise to their work with partners to create lasting change in educational systems across the country.

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We make an impact.

Facts & Figures

students in partner districts since 2018

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Million in new federal grants since 2021

Insights from Educators

We believe together we can

transform education

so that it benefits each and every student, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they live.

Our strategies help leverage existing stuctures to improve student outcomes and learning conditions.