How SWIFT Works

Transforming Educational Systems.
Improving the Lives of Students.

SWIFT works with our partners to implement Equity-based MTSS through whole-systems change. We have a strong history of using evidence- and strength-based practices to bring about sustainable transformations in schools across the country.

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Educational Ecosystems

The SWIFT approach to transforming schools recognizes the interconnecting nature of the different people and policies involved. By drawing on the strengths and resources of all parts of the system, we seek to adjust the overall ecosystem to benefit students who have historically been left on the margins.

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Equity-based MTSS Framework

Equity-based Multi-Tiered System of Support provides a framework schools can use to organize initiatives and provide support for each and every student to succeed.

10 Point Paradigm

 SWIFT’s 10 Point Paradigm outlines the facets of equity that need to be considered in order to shift our mindset and create restorative educational ecosystems.

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“How do you change the system so that no matter who comes and goes, what is the legacy that you leave behind that leaves a better situation for all of your students?”


Jovan Denaut

Integrated Academic & Behavior Support Facilitator, Cumberland County Schools


Transformation in Action Practices

Transformation in Action (TA) Practices are evidence-based methods for transforming educational systems.


Equity Actions

Equity Actions ensure that systems change efforts are working toward equity in both process and results.

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