Our Team

We are a group of people who are passionate about transforming U.S. public education so that students are welcome, valued, and have a sense of belonging in their community’s schools, and that they are well supported to achieve in age-appropriate general education classrooms. We work at the University of Kansas Lifespan Institute.

Allyson Satter profile image
Educator. Mother. Problem Solver.
Allyson Satter
Program Director
Amy J Profile
Adventurer. Growth seeker. Traveler.
Amy Jablonski
Leadership Development and Research Project Director
Amy Mccart
Unwavering. Radical. Mama.
Amy McCart
Co-Director and Research Professor
Andrea Mayfield profile
Inquirer. Hiker. Novelist.
Andre Mitchell
Leadership Development and Research Project Director
Andrea Mayfield profile
Responsible. Considerate. Reader.
Andrea Mayfield
Leadership Development and Research Project Director
Andrea Mayfield profile
Growth seeker. Cyclist. Music lover.
Angie Caster
Assistant Director of Alignment, Implementation and Measurement
Brittany profile
Honest. Protective. Engaging.
Brittany Hall
Technical Assistance Research Coordinator
Dawn Miller profile
Teacher. Strategist. Paper crafter.
Dawn Miller
Associate Director of Partner Engagement and Systems Design
Eun Jee Lee profile
Listener. Executer. Dog lover.
Eun Jee Lee
Research Project Coordinator
Hannah Adams profile
Listener. Supporter. Learner.
Hannah Adams
Graduate Research Assistant
Hollie Pettersson profile
Do-er. Dot-connector. Diligent learner.
Hollie Pettersson
Leadership Development and Research Project Director
Jennifer Counts profile
CrossFitter. Truth teller. Difference maker.
Jennifer Counts
Leadership Development and Research Project Director
Jennifer Harrison profile
Creative. Sporty. Empathetic.
Jennifer Harrison
Graphic Designer
Jenny Hays profile
Warm-hearted. Traveler. Cat mama.
Jenny Hays
Program and Business Operations Strategist
Jeong Hoon Choi profile
Inquisitive. Explorative. Rational.
Jeong Hoon Choi
Associate Director of Research and Evaluation
Jessica Black Magnussen
Curious. Dependable. Tenacious.
Jessica Black-Magnussen
Business Director
Kari Woods profile
Learner. Connector. Story lover.
Kari Woods
Associate Director, Center Operations
Karen Mills profile
Knowledge seeker. Dancer. Planner.
Karmen Clark
Assistant Director of Internal Capacity Development
Maura Hart profile
Learner. Dancer. Balance seeker.
Maura Hart
Assistant Director for Capacity Development
Melanie profile
Compassionate. Courageous. Inspirational. Explorer.
Melanie Good
Program Operations Manager
Melinda Mitchiner profile
Lover of life.
Melinda Mitchiner
Associate Director of Partnership Development and Business Operations
Michelle Dunn profile
Nurturer. Runner. Beach lover.
Michelle Dunn
Leadership Development & Research Project Director
Monica Dixon profile
Learner. Avid DIYer. Music lover.
Monica Dixon
Assistant Director of Content Development and Learning Systems
Nicole Perry profile
Wordsmith. Gardener. Enthusiastic reader.
Nikki Perry
Communications Manager
Noemi Villegas profile
Equity driven. People inspired. Nature lover.
Noemi Villegas
Leadership Development & Research Project Director
Seung Ho Y Profile
Data Analyst. Psychometrician. Traveler.
Seung Ho Yang
Assistant Researcher
Sheila Wells profile
Fierce. Passionate. Backpacker.
Sheila Wells-Moreaux
Assistant Director of Project Operations
Tova Davis profile
Energizer. Leader. Traveler.
Tova Davis
SWIFT Partner, Chief Executive Officer- Northstar Educational Consulting Group
Wade Kelly profile
Lover. Fighter. Writer.
Wade Kelly
Assistant Director of Content Development

How SWIFT Works

SWIFT uses evidence-based practices to transform whole educational systems so that all students have the supports and sense of belonging they need to thrive.