Building Capacity for MTSS in Greenfield

SWIFT partnered with the Greenfield Union School District in Bakersfield, California for a district-level project focused on building capacity for Equity-based MTSS implementation throughout the district.

GreenfieldUnion group of staff members

Facts & Figures

schools in the district


of students are Hispanic or Latino



Project Description

Greenfield Union School District includes 13 K-8 schools in Bakersfield, California. The district employs 410 teachers and serves over 9,300 students.

SWIFT is supporting Greenfield Union to implement Equity-based MTSS by facilitating professional learning sessions, providing coaching sessions for school leadership and MTSS teams, building strong district-level capacity through work with the District Leadership Team, and conducting district- and school-level assessments to identify strengths and opportunities related to MTSS implementation.

Project Goals

The District Leadership Team is beginning the work of deepening capacity to support Equity-based MTSS in the Greenfield Union district by collecting and analyzing data. Through this process, they have identified and removed policies and practices that were proving to be a barrier to providing robust universal instruction to all students. Through coaching, professional development, and assessments, SWIFT will continue to support educational leaders and school teams as they build capacity for Equity-based MTSS.