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SWIFT Kicks Off Inaugural Professional Learning Institute

Over the past eight months, SWIFT Center staff and partners have been on the road visiting schools, meeting with educators, administrators, families, and community members, connecting via skype, phone, lync, and telepathically to bring the SWIFT vision to life. Six Knowledge Development Sites and five Implementation States were selected to highlight, learn from, and promote the features of schools recognized for their commitment to valuing every member of their learning community and for providing the supports ALL students need to achieve academic and social success.

To build the systems to utilize this learning, SWIFT is hosting the first SWIFT Professional Learning Institute (PLI). SWIFT stakeholders from across the country will gather in Washington DC from July 22-26 to launch SWIFT in states, districts, and schools. The PLI provides a valuable opportunity to gather the SWIFT team to share our collective values and vision. It also gives teams a much-needed chance to plan for the future. The PLI is different than most conferences. Rather than just listening to the experts lecture on the latest strategies, attendees get the chance to work alongside experts, such as researchers, practitioners, and family members, to tailor content to their unique needs. It is a true picture of collaboration: people with different roles and experiences coming together to explore SWIFT and to launch SWIFT into action. It is the goal of SWIFT to change the face of education, and it's our hope that the PLI will be one of those moments where we all look back and think "this is where it all began." Thanks to everyone who is making this event a success. Together we will transform schools and achieve equity and excellence for ALL.

-Allyson Satter


Allyson Satter currently works as a Project Coordinator for SWIFT. Previously, she worked as a special educator, which is where she first learned the value of equity-based inclusion.