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SWIFT Domains and Features at the Henderson School

SWIFT Domains and Features at the Henderson School

As the SWIFT filmmaker, I have the privilege of documenting some of the most dynamic and inclusive schools in the country.  Along with other SWIFT team members, I’m in the process of visiting all six of the knowledge development schools for 1-2 days of filming.  The footage will be edited into a series of films which will illustrate the five core domain areas which support grade level academic and social learning:

1.Administrative Leadership
2.Family and Community Engagement and Partnerships
3.Inclusive Integrated Educational Framework
4.Inclusive Policy Structure and Practice
5.Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

We are filming life and instruction as it happens naturally in each school, and it’s a powerful and inspiring thing to behold. One of the six nationally recognized SWIFT Knowledge Development Sites, the Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Dorchester, MA, is featured in this film and highlights some of the SWIFT domains and accompanying features:  Click HERE to view the video.

-Dan Habib, dan.habib@unh.edu

Documentary Filmmaker
Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire








Dan Habib is the creator of "Including Samuel" and the new film "Who Cares About Kelsey?" Habib is the Filmmaker in Residence at the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire. Habib’s films have been screened at universities, national conferences and independent theatres, and have been used as catalysts for inclusive education across the country and internationally. "Including Samuel" was broadcast nationwide on public television stations in Fall 2009 and was nominated for an Emmy in 2010. "Including Samuel" has also been featured on NPR's “All Things Considered” and “Good Morning America” and won the Positive Images in Media award from TASH, an international group committed to the full inclusion of people with disabilities. The DVD is now available with 17 language translations. "Who Cares About Kelsey?" was recently featured in "Education Week" and has been screened at 11 film festivals, winning “Best Feature Film” at the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival. The film is being broadcast nationwide on public television stations in Fall 2013. Before joining UNH in April of 2008, Habib was the photography editor of the "Concord Monitor" (NH). In 2006 and 2008, he was named the national Photography Editor of the Year and he has been a judge of the Pulitzer Prizes and the Best of Photojournalism. He is a six-time New Hampshire photographer of the year and his freelance work has appeared in "Time," "Newsweek" and the "New York Times." In 2012, Habib received the Champion of Human and Civil Rights Award from the National Education Association, and in 2013 he received the Justice for All Grassroots Award from the American Association of People with Disabilities. Habib and his wife, Betsy, live in Concord, New Hampshire, with their sons Isaiah, 17, and Samuel, 13.