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SWIFT Brief: Indicators of Effective Policy Development & Implementation

In recent years, many have heard the Nigerian proverb: “It takes a village to raise a child.” In reading these words today, we can take stock of how they translate to student success.  Families, educators, community businesses, and child-serving organizations each contribute to shaping young minds, their worldviews, and their present and future contributions to society. In our collective desire to facilitate success in young people, it is ever-important that we collaborate for improved student outcomes.

One way we can contribute to student success is through the five indicators discussed in the SWIFT Center’s latest issue brief, “Indicators of Effective Policy Development & Implementation.” This issue brief identifies and summarizes five indicators consistent with evidence-based principles outlined by The National Implementation Research Network.  They act as a conduit in fostering the alignment of policies and practice by engaging stakeholders, participating in gathering data from these stakeholders, evaluating the effectiveness of new practices, and committing to transparency and accessibility in the dissemination of relevant documents.

We encourage you to download and share this issue brief, which is available on the SWIFT website. We hope its content inspires thought-provoking dialogue among district and state leadership teams and through the SWIFT Talk Community of Practice. 

- Barbara Trader

TASH Executive Director