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Reframed Thinking about Disability and Inclusion

This month SWIFT Education Center released a Research to Practice Brief that summarizes a full length article by Dr. Wayne Sailor titled “Equity as a Basis for Inclusive Educational Systems Change.”  As a student under Dr. Sailor, I learned to reframe my thinking about disability and inclusion.  He challenges us to abandon the “medical model” of disability that places the problem within the student; and encourages us to think about the interplay between students’ abilities and creating school environments where all students can learn and grow. Now as a professional educator, I am dedicated to helping others reframe their thinking in this way too.  If you can, read Dr. Sailor’s full article in the Australasian Journal of Special Education; otherwise, take a few minutes to read this Brief.  Let us know what you think by posting a comment here on SWIFT Talk.

Jessica Meisenheimer, Ph.D. has worn many hats in her years as an educator … teaching first grade students to graduate students … working in urban to suburban settings … instructing as a general and special educator. Jessica’s current work as a Research Project Coordinator for the Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Center applies her knowledge and experience for the benefit of diverse students across the U.S. She is passionate about finding ways to better serve all students by implementing inclusive school reform, examining educational policy, and utilizing multi-tiered systems of support.