Oregon Swift Badges

Badges provide a way for schools and districts to celebrate their movement through SWIFT transformational TA practices. They may receive more than one badge for each practice because SWIFT TA is cyclical and teams will return to each practice as their school or district transforms.

A Teaming badge recognizes teams have an established purpose for transforming their organization (school or district), have identified meeting and communication structures to support that purpose, and work within structures to celebrate, share, and address barriers to implementation.

A Coaching badge recognizes the team's identification of individuals who can support their implementation process. These individuals participate in training, implement SWIFT TA practices, and train and coach others on their knowledge and use of SWIFT Domains and Features.

A Design badge recognizes the participation of all stakeholders in the creation of a visioning statement or design to guide the organization (school or district). Design (also known as Visioning) is a strengths-based practice that generates a collective agreement about an ideal future education system for all students in a community.

A Data badge recognizes the team’s use of a Data Snapshot or other data review format to investigate student outcomes and to identify priorities for change.


A Priorities badge recognizes the team’s work to implement a priority practice, and the team’s identification of steps needed to achieve sustainable use of that practice.


A Resources badge recognizes the team’s identification of readily available and otherwise needed resources, as well as the potential reallocating of resources, that align to support the identified practice.


When teams complete a TA practice, they click HERE and answer the prompts about their experience. A SWIFT Badge Coordinator will send your team a jpg of the badge to digitally or physically post along with information about the badge. Your badge will also appear below.


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Sample description of school accomplishment.