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Short SWIFT Blurb

The SWIFT Center Where All Means All

SWIFT (Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation) Education Center, a national research and technical assistance center that provides academic, behavioral, social and emotional support to promote the learning and academic achievement of ALL students in their local schools and general education classrooms. Get involved with SWIFT by signing up for the email list, connecting via the SWIFT Talk Community of Practice, liking SWIFT on Facebook, and following SWIFT on Twitter to learn how school communities across the country are benefitting from SWIFT Edcation Center resources.

SWIFT Education Center is Scaling Up Equitable and Inclusive Multi-tiered System of Support for All Students

School districts around the country are gearing up to fully realize the vision of a Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT). They are partnering with the SWIFT, a national research and technical assistance center that provides academic and behavioral, social and emotional support to promote the learning and academic achievement of each and every child, including students with the most extensive support needs. SWIFT  is committed to eliminating silos in education by bridging general and specialized educational structures and resources. These bridges lead to powerful learning opportunities for students and teachers; promote active, engaged partnerships among families and community members; and ensure every child is a valued member of their school and given the support they need to achieve academic and social success. What does SWIFT mean by “each and every child?” We mean students who struggle to learn, are labeled as gifted, live in poverty, with disabilities, are culturally and ethnically diverse, and students with the most extensive support needs. Over 30 years of research guides the SWIFT work, resulting in a focus on five key domains that support schoolwide inclusive transformation. These areas are:

  • Multi-tiered System of Support
  • Administrative Leadership
  • Integrated Education Framework
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • Inclusive Policy Structure and Practice

A SWIFT school represents a diverse learning community. In a SWIFT classroom, all students learn together and have the academic, behavioral, social and emotional support they need to fully participate in the general education curriculum. General educators, specialized educators, support staff, family, and community members work in tandem to differentiate instruction. For example, in a SWIFT classroom you may witness a parent volunteer practicing sight words with a student, a general educator and a specialized educator leading differentiated small reading groups, a speech/language therapist working on reading vocabulary with another group of students, and classmates collaborating on a reading comprehension activity. In a SWIFT school, all students are valued for their unique contributions to the learning community, and all educators have the support they need to successfully teach all children. SWIFT represents an unprecedented national effort to bridge general and specialized education. Get involved by Signing up for our email list, connecting with us on the SWIFT Talk Community of Practice, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Pinterest to learn how school communities across the country are benefiting from SWIFT resources.



Students of all abilities learn together at the William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School in Dorchester, MA. The school is one of the SWIFT Knowledge Development Sites. Photo by Dan Habib/SWIFT Download hi-res image

Downloadable "All Means ALL" Issue Briefs and Resources from the SWIFT Center

Now available from the SWIFT Center is a comprehensive, downloadable library of research and resources to support schools across the country as they explore, prepare, launch, and sustain new approaches in the practice of including and welcoming all students in their schools. These resources are readily available for educators, administrators, parents, community members and anyone interested in creating schools where "All Means All." The following resources (and more) can be found at www.swiftschools.org.

  • Research Document Supporting SWIFT Domains and Features Thirty years of research shows us that when all students are learning together (including those with the most extensive needs) AND are given the appropriate instruction and supports, ALL students can participate, learn, and excel within grade-level general education curriculum, build meaningful social relationships, achieve positive behavioral outcomes, and graduate from high school, college and beyond.