SWIFT Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation

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SWIFT Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation

Equity in Education

Leading the nation in equity-based Multi-tiered System of Support and inclusive education research and services.

We believe together we can transform education so that it benefits each and every student, their families, and ultimately the communities in which they live.

SWIFT Education Center will not be silent about pervasive and systemic racism impacting Black students, families and communities. Today, we deepen our commitment to dismantling inequitable and harmful educational systems and structures. We will actively and intentionally work with our partner schools to end the ingrained patterns of marginalization and disproportionality that harm students of color and their families. Today more than ever we embrace this imperative.


Children and youth are welcomed into schools that dynamically use all available resources to meet their needs.


Leaders who move schools to an equity culture by building on what is successful and uniquely good in their community.


Improving outcomes for all students through one system with a continuum of academic, behavioral, and social instruction and support.

We will meet you where you are-Anywhere! We offer products and services across the nation that build state education agency, service center, district, school and community capacity to implement or advance equity-based, multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) for inclusive education and improved academic, behavior and social-emotional outcomes for all students.

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Professional Learning

Keep your team up-to-date


Fidelity of Implementation

Understand your school's current realities, monitor progress & avoid drift


Intensive Technical Assistance

Partnership for whole-system transformation


Organizational Capacity Assessments

Identify your strengths and priorities


Equity, Disproportionality & Special Education

Advance your initiatives

SWIFT Framework

Administrative Leadership
Integrated Educational Framework
Multi-Tiered System of Support
Family & Community Engagement
Inclusive Policy Structure & Practice
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Family & Community

Free SWIFT brochures and materials especially for family and community members may be downloaded for use in newsletters, on websites, or printed as handouts.

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