Frequently Asked Questions


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If you still don’t find the answer to your question, send it to, and we’ll do our best to answer.

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SWIFT Website and e-Newsletter

What does SWIFT stand for?

SWIFT is the acronym for Schoolwide Integrated Framework for Transformation

How do I add my name to the SWIFT e-Newsletter mailing list?

At the bottom of the homepage you will find a sign-up box for the SWIFT Schools newsletter and for the Family & Community newsletter.  These are two different mailing lists—feel free to sign up for both.

How can I read old SWIFT newsletters?

You can search the SWIFT Shelf Stories or choose from a chronological archive.

Where did SWIFT get all the beautiful photos and videos? Can I use them for other purposes?

All photo and video images presented by SWIFT are from our Knowledge Development Study sites and SWIFT Partner Schools, with proper release forms signed by everyone who is featured.  For permission to use a specific SWIFT image, contact


Getting Started with Equity-based MTSS and Inclusive Education

What can educators do to begin installing MTSS and embracing inclusion where they work?

Use SWIFT Field Guide, which provides Discussion Guides, Introductory PowerPoint Presentations, and Steps to Get You Started as thinking prompts for your faculty meetings.

What can families do to help their neighborhood schools to embrace inclusive education?

Check out our Family & Community resources. We have several ideas but would also love to hear about your experiences—so send us a message.

Can you help us see SWIFT in action at a school?

SWIFT-In-60 videos are a great way to see SWIFT MTSS and inclusive education in action in schools that were part of SWIFT’s knowledge development study.  
You can learn more about the schools, districts, and states where SWIFT provides technical assistance at Partner Sites.

Can SWIFT provide a speaker for my group?

SWIFT staff occasionally accept national conference invitations to share about the progress our partners are making. If you would like to inquire or extend an invitation, send a note at

Can SWIFT advise us about our current plan to install or improve our MTSS or make our school more inclusive?

Yes, if you would like to discuss how to get started with us, contact us at  Meanwhile, check out the free, downloadable resource you can use to self-assess your school’s inclusive educational practices and plans called SWIFT Fidelity Integrity Assessment on SWIFT Shelf Tools.


Becoming a SWIFT Partner Site

How can my neighborhood school become a SWIFT partner?

We would be delighted to explore a partnership with your state, district or school.  Learn more about the products and services we offer here. Send us a message at and let us know what you are thinking.  We configure our work to meet your needs and resource availability.  Let’s begin that conversation today!